Nils Frahm – Felt

I have raved about the music of Nils Frahm in the past on this blog.  His previous solo record ‘The Bells’ was a beautiful work and then his collaboration with Anne Muller entitled ‘7fingers’ was a stunning piece of music,which made it into my top 10 records of 2010.  In addition, I was even lucky enough to get to interview the man himself, thanks to Robert at Erased Tapes.  So, to say that I am a fan of his music would be an understatement.  Indeed, seeing him live, supporting Balmorhea last year was mesmerising.  It’s not often than you get to witness somebody so masterful on the piano in such close proximity.  Simply put, I think he’s a stunning artist.

‘Felt’ is by far and away is most accomplished and mature record to date.

Simply put, this record is sublime.  It is delicate. Hushed.  Serene.  And quite ironically it appears that Frahm stumbled upon the ideal sound for the pieces in an attempt to be a good neighbour.  In his attempt to work late into the night, yet respect his neighbours, Frahm designed methods of dampening the sound of his piano.  Using the damper pedal, placing fabric over the strings of the piano, playing very lightly so as not to disturb his neighbours slumber.  In so doing, he created the sound for this record.  And it’s stunning.  It’s very much a late night record.  It’s a record that needs a glass of red wine and a very comfy sofa/bed.  I can completely connect with this record.  Perhaps because I love a great piece of piano music but perhaps even more so because I love to play piano late at night.  I used to always try and play it when I lived at home after my parents were in bed and the only way to do this effectively was to use the damper pedal and play very delicately.  It really creates such a wonderful ambience.

This is warm and delicate music, but do not be deceived because once again it highlights Frahm as a stunning composer capable of constructing and arranging gorgeous movements on the piano.  This is not simple music.  This is extremely intelligent and beautifully arranged and once again Nils Frahm has put forward a contender for my top 10 records of 2011.

You can and should check out Nils Frahm here.  Enjoy.



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