Nearly Time For Lists

It’s that time of year again where I have to try and decide my favourite records of the year gone by.  Last year I remember it being particularly difficult because there was no a lot of quality records released in 2010, in my opinion.  This year however, I have had the opposite dilemma as I have been genuinely blown away by so many records in 2011.  From Americana to Pop to Noise music there has been so much to enjoy this year in the world of music.  Not so much in terms of Scotland.  Again I have been very disappointed with what’s been on offer from our shores.  But the world of music has been vibrant and exciting this year and I have selected my 10 favourite records of 2011.  I will being to post each one in the coming weeks starting at 10 and working my way down to my favourite album of the year.  And of course, I know my choices will not appeal to everyone but feel free to comment and share your thoughts on any of the records I write about – whether you love them or loathe them.   It’s all subjective.  And it’s all good.


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