Top Ten Of 2011 – Number 10. Gem Club – Breakers

Number ten on my top ten of 2011 is the brilliant debut record ‘Breakers’ by Gem Club.  I was sent this by my good friend Fraser McGowan (Small Town Boredom/Caught in the Wake Forever) so you should, if you know him, know exactly what this album is all about.  It’s simply a stunningly beautiful record.

Constructed predominantly around piano and vocals with beautiful touches of cello and other subtle instrumentation this really is a wonderful debut record that deserves to be heard.  Tracks like ‘Lands’ and ‘Black Ships’ are as beautiful as anything I have heard in a long, long time.  I don’t doubt that I am drawn to this record because it reminds me of my own work, or at least what I’d like my own work to sound like! However, there are not many artists out there doing this kind of thing, so maybe it stands out because it’s quite a unique record, in amongst the usual guitar based music we are fed on a day to day basis.  This record stands out.  It stands alone.  It digs deep under your skin and it settles in your soul.

As a blogger I hear mediocre a lot.  Special is so rare.  This is special.  And though the tempo rarely changes and though the mood is dark and down, the music is warm and fulfilling and deserves to be on top ten lists throughout the blogosphere and in music mags.  No doubt it won’t be.  It doesn’t have the wide appeal of your average indie guitar band.  However, it has much more depth and beauty than most records of 2011.  It deserves to be heard and Gem Club deserve every success they get.

You can check out Gem Club here.  Enjoy.