Top Ten Of 2011- Number 9. Talvihorros – Descent Into Delta

Talvhirros is Londoner Ben Chatwin.  Released through the simply wonderful Hibernate Recordings, ‘Descent into Delta’ is a masterpiece in the use of electornics and guitar.  Exploring the idea that the human mind emits waves at different rates, this record   maps the transition from full alertness, through slumber and into deep sleep, all within a 40 minute period.

As a stand alone piece of music this record holds significant weight.  Combined with Chatwin’s exploration of the brain this record absolutely drags you in and consumes you completely.  And weirdly, it feels exactly like it should.  As the record drifts through the various states towards sleep the music relates beautifully and your journey through the music is almost combined with a mental and physical journey, which ends with you wanting to shut your eyes, lie back and just fall into a deep slumber.

This is an intelligent, mature record.  It’s brilliant on so many levels and touches you in so many different ways.  An understanding of Chatwin’s thought process is not necessary to enjoy this record.  Not in the slightest.  Stunningly rich and textured this record is a gorgeous piece in itself.  Combined with the fascinating theory and vision behind it this really is a masterpiece for somebody so young.  Talvihorros is definitely one to watch in the future.  Another wonderful release by Hibernate and a record that everyone should check out when you get a moment.  A worthy inclusion in anyone’s top 10 list for 2o11.  You can read my original review of this record here.

You can do so here.  Enjoy.


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