Top Ten Of 2011 – Number 5. Wilco – The Whole Love

Wilco are my band.  Everyone who knows me or reads this blog knows that Yankee Hotel Foxtrot is my all time favourite record and that I absolutely adore this band.  Whilst others have struggled with recent releases (Sky Blue Sky, Wilco (The Album)), I have simply considered them to be natural progressions in the evolution of one of the world’s most important bands.  My review of ‘The Whole Love’ explains this in more detail but the simple fact of the matter is that Jeff Tweedy was, and is, one of the most important song writers out there, in my opinion.

‘The Whole Love’ is a mix of an album bringing together sounds from all the previous records and combining them to create a vibrant record packed with cracking tunes and moments of real beauty.  ‘Capitol City’ is the perfect example of this.  This song has been kicking about since the band recorded ‘Being There’, it’s just never really come together as a song until now.  It gives a great insight into how some things just don’t work until you find the right people to work with.  Anyone who has witnessed Wilco live knows that Jeff Tweedy has finally found the right people to work with.

Regardless of where you fall on the Wilco debate there can be no doubt that ‘Black Moon’, ‘Rising Red Lung’ and ‘One Sunday Morning’ are three of the best tracks of the year, with the latter possibly Tweedy’s masterpiece to date.  Utterly brilliant.