Top Ten Of 2011 – Number 1. The Antlers – Burst Apart

No contest really.  I think behind Wilco, The Antlers are the band that excite me most.  Such great songs.   Two great records.  Where Hospice was something new and stunning in no way does ‘Burst Apart’ ever try to recreate the feel, tone or sound of that record whilst retaining the identity of the band.  You know, I have no idea why this band are not much, much bigger than they are.  I saw them at King Tut’s earlier this year and I still cannot understand how on earth they were playing Tuts.  Such a shame.  They should be playing much bigger venues based on their two records to date.  Fingers crossed it will happen for them.  I am sure it will.  You can read my review of the record here.

And here are a few highlights of the record for me.