Tomorrow We Sail – The White Rose

Starting 2012 with a gorgeous offering from Leeds based artists Tomorrow We Sail.  I caught these guys live in November 2010 in York and it seems that in the last year they have gone from strength to strength.  This really is a lovely single.  Not dissimilar in tone to I Like Trains, TWS are possibly less dark, less brooding and more genuinely romantic in tone.

Title track ‘The White Rose’ is simply beautiful and throws a little curve ball to all those who have seen/heard the band before with the lead vocals being female and not male.  This is a duet of sorts I guess.   It’s similar to the little shock that Damien Rice threw on ‘9 Crimes’ where Lisa Hannigan took lead vocals but hopefully when TWS release a record, unlike Rice, there album will be good and not filled with massive disappointments.

Anyways, second track ‘Leningrad’ is equally beguiling and a perfect compliment to the opener though I am left wondering whether they now have a female lead singer and not a male one.  mmmm.  It’s still pretty stunning either way.

Anyways, for a mere £3 or more, this is a bargain and one well worth investigating.  You should do so now.  Here.  Enjoy.


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