The Kays Lavelle in 2012

So, for those of you who know about The Kays Lavelle, the band split in late 2010 having released our debut record ‘Be Still This Gentle Morning’.  After a long time away from writing music I have found focus again and will be releasing a number of records in 2012/2013.   And one of those will be the follow up record from The Kays Lavelle.  This record will be very much a solo effort using friends and colleagues to supplement the music I write and will not result in any live shows.

It really has developed from working on songs with Matt for the debut Graveyard Tapes record.  Sifting through the tunes we could use for that I discovered there was a real separation between the tunes that would work for GTapes and for The Kays.  And so, after rediscovering my passion for writing music there will be a new Kays record.  To be recorded throughout 2012 I would expect it to be ready to be released in early 2013.  Hopefully, for those of you who supported us in the Be Still Days, this will be good news.  Many of you will not care.  Just thought I’d put it out there.  It will probably be out on mini50 records unless somebody else shows an interest in what we’re doing.

Anyways, the Graveyard Tapes record should be completed in February with me and Matt taking a week or so to just focus on it and get it done.  Very excited by it.  Think it eclipses anything I’ve been involved in to date and is a nice departure from the Kays stuff.  So will be nice to have it done and see where it can take us.  Hopefully to only good places.  Though I have no expectations when it comes to my music anymore if I am honest.  I am just enjoying being part of really positive experiences in terms of the people I’ve got to work with through mini50, glacis, graveyard tapes and now the kays.  2012 should be fun music wise.

If anyone who doesn’t have Be Still This Gentle Morning is interested, we are currently giving away free copies to thos who email with their name and address.  So yeah, drop us a line if you would like a copy of the record (If you want a listen before hand just go to the mini50 bandcamp page).  We will post them out at the end of this month.  And it is a limited time period that we will be accepting requests so act soon.  Oh, and while stocks last we’ll through in a couple of badges with the record – if you’re lucky featuring the image above by the awesome Lizzy Stewart.

Oh, and if you want to keep tabs on the progress with the new Kays record you can do so by going HERE.


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