After A Long Dream Of Sleep

We at mini50 records are delighted to announce that next Friday – 30th March – we are releasing a record entitled ‘After a Long Dream of Sleep’ in support of Crisis Counselling in Scotland.  Based in Renfrew, Crisis provides early intervention; specialist therapeutic services and non time limited support to those in need.

The number of clients supported by Crisis since 1996 has reached over 15,000, and they now receive an average of 1500 referrals per year.

2007 – 2008: referrals reached 1468, of those 620 were young people aged 16 and under.

The children and adolescents were affected by domestic violence, street violence, parental addiction, addictive behaviours, self-harming, family breakup, trauma, bereavement, bullying, exclusion, restructured family systems and abuse.

This service is under increasing financial pressure and without support may cease to exist.  We know this because one of our close friends, and an artist on this record, used the service and made us aware of the difficulties securing funding Crisis currently face.  They saved his life and save many more on a daily basis taking direct action to help those most in need.

Please support Crisis by buying this record, or at least if you like the odd track downloading them individually. All proceeds will go to helping sustain an important and valued mental health service.

Full track listing is:

1. Matthew Collings – Hraunberg

2. Mirrorzisland – Anonatoll

3. Spokes – Give it up to the Night (Fieldhead Remix)

4. Cory Allen – Transcender’s Theme

5. Yellow6 – And in the Distance

6. Richard A Ingram – Vort Halicon

7. David Newlyn – Stop Motion

8. Talvihorros –Dead SeaScrolls

9. Chantal Acda (Sleepingdog/True Bypass) – Missing Heartbeat

10. M.Ostermeier – Winsome

11. FiRES Were Shot – Giffords Green

12. Guy Gelem – Recent Waves

13. Christian Eldefors – Daylight

14. Antonymes – Gravity Versus the Pull of Beyond

15. glacis – May this Night never see Morning

16. Caught in the Wake Forever – I Restore Myself When I’m Alone

17. Hiva Oa– Exile

The artwork for the record was done by Jamie Mills.  You can check out his work at .

The record in its entirety will cost a mere £6 with each individual track costing 75p.  Your support is appreciated.