Where I’ve Been

I have not written much on here for a while.  I guess this is partly due to being busy with other things.  However, a large part of this has been down to trying to think of new and interesting ways to keep the blog fresh and worth visiting.  Now that the internet is saturated with blogs and people writing about music it has become much harder to ensure that readership sustains.  I’ve been thinking a lot about what it is I do on this blog and why.  It would be easy to say I’m too busy to maintain it.  Or that I’ve taken it as far as I can.  But the truth is that I’ve not even scratched the surface in the 4 years I’ve been posting.

So, very soon, there will be a new approach to the blog, which I hope will revitalise it and encourage a new readership.  I’d love more public involvement from those who do read it also.  The past year has been pretty quiet in terms of comments and communication but hopefully as the blog becomes more interesting and diverse more people will be interested and want to join in with discussions and debates.  Because I think one of the things that interests me most, is stopping just writing about things I love and actually writing about things in a more critical and measured way.

So, yes, do keep an eye out for changes.  New features.  Possibly new writers too.  Who knows.


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