Updates: Graveyard Tapes, glacis & The Kays Lavelle

It’s been a while since I mentioned what I was up to musically.  So It makes sense to write a quick up to date as to all the things that are happening musically for me at the moment.

First up is Graveyard Tapes.  For those of you who don’t know, this is a project I have been working on for the past 2 years with my friend Matthew Collings.  We met after Matthew came to Edinburgh from Iceland, started working together and have not stopped working together since!  It’s been a long, often fractured process due to other committments on both parts, but now have our debut album mixed and mastered.  It’s entitled ‘Our Sound is Our Wound’ and we are currently looking for a label who might be interested in releasing it.   We have no plans to rush the thing out and have people working on videos for a couple of tracks also, so there should be a lot more Graveyard Tapes news in the coming weeks and months for those interested in what it is we are doing.

glacis.  Well, this is my solo piano project.  I started this with my record ‘Lost Again on Waking’ released by Fluid Audio last year.  Encouraged by the response to this record I released a track on the recent mini50 charity record ‘After a Long Dream of Sleep’ which was described as a “nightmarish sigur ros”.  Kind of liked that description.  Anyways, I’ve been working on a full length record of glacis pieces which I hope will be complete by the end of 2012.  2 of the tracks for this album will also be used for an animation piece by the brilliant artist Jamie Mills.   Jamie has also done the art work for the Graveyard Tapes record so we have formed a pretty strong working relationship over the past year or so – his art work is just brilliant, I own a lot of it!  Anyways, hopefully the animation pieces will be released on mini50 along with the animation itself.  And then after that the glacis record should be out in 2013 if not before, again on mini50, unless another label wants to bite my hand off for it!

The Kays Lavelle kind of ended 2 years ago after the debut album.  But I decided after 8 years of hard work establishing the name that I wanted to do more than just the one record.  So I have been working hard on tracks for album number 2.  This will be a solo effort of sorts.  By this I mean there will be no band.  Instead I will be working with friends from around the world, sending them files to work with and getting back the results and then taking it all to the mixing process at the end.  It’s been a hugely beneficial experience so far and I have met some wonderful musicians who have been kind enough to lend me their time and skills to add to the tracks.  There is a long way to go on the recording front but I do believe that there will be another Kays record finished by the end of 2012, which is pretty exciting given that I thought it was all over 2 years ago.

So, I am busy is really what I’m saying.  I am busy and hopefully for those of you who are interested in my music this is a good thing.  I will of course keep you all up to date on this blog but you can also follow all my projects, as well as mini50 records, on facebook in the meantime.



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