I Own About 700 CD Albums.

Yep, it’s true.  I do.  I started buying cds at about 14.  I have never stopped.  I am now 33.  That’s almost 20 years of cd buying.  If you divide 700 by 20 it works out at 35 a year and, if we say about £10 for a cd that’s about £350 a year.  Obviously, we all know that not all cds cost that so it’s probably a good bit less but based on that figure it comes out at about £7000 for the 20 years (I think!)…make’s it seem quite scary.

Anyways, I started thinking about this having read this article by former Cracker front man David Lowery.  It is a response to a recent piece featured on NPR’s web blog written by one of their interns.  You should read her piece first then David’s response for a more interesting read, but something that struck me was the fact she only owns 15 cds and has no desire to ever own anything than digital files.(Obviously the article has a much wider and more pressing focus but I’ll leave that to the pair of them)  For me, as somebody who has grown up with the joy of buying physical product I find her views soulless and depressing.   As a person who believes in giving people something they want to buy it does feel quite sad to think that all the new generation of music fans wants is a simple link to click on rather than the joy of going to the bank, withdrawing some cash and going to their local music store.  Or indeed just going online and surfing the net for some quality vinyl or hand made music or something they can keep and display.  I know that more than ever we are living in a digital age but I cannot help but want to hold my music, books and art.  I mean what’s next?  Art that comes only in downloadable form for your lap top?  Ipads on the wall?  I don’t know.  I know I am may be being a little obtuse here but I cannot help but feel, not even sad,  sorry for the new generation who fail to appreciate the importance of the senses other than hearing.  Good music will always exist but it seems, if the new generation of music fans have their say, good packaging/art won’t.    Which kind of sucks.

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