News update

Musically, things are starting to kick off.  First up is the great news that Graveyard Tapes, the project I have been working on for the past 2 years with my friend Matthew Collings will be releasing our debut album ‘Our Sound is Our Wound’ through the lovely folks at Lost Tribe Sound in early 2013.  We are delighted to have been offered the chance to add our name to their brilliant roster and look forward to the album finally being released.  It’s a slow process creating a record and then finding a label to release that record can be even slower, so we feel pretty lucky to have found a label who have been so enthusiastic about the record and what we do.  For those who have never sampled our music you can find an early version of one of the album tracks here.

Under my guise as glacis I am super busy.  I have just finished an animation piece for the artist Jamie Mills.  Entitled entitled ‘Tohu Va Vohu’, the animation explores the idea that the world is made up of chaotic, cyclical patterns and structures and the kind of effects that can be had if human beings forget that they are made from the same formations.  Two distinct pieces have been produced to accompany the animation to engage the viewer and gauge how the experience of the animation changes as the music does.  There are 2 pieces specifically written for the animation itself and then another 2 to tie the thing together as a small ep.  The whole thing DVD/CD/Booklet will be released on mini50 at some point, probably 2013.

I have also begun work on a collaboration with Ed Hamilton which we are hoping will be released on Hibernate, as part of their collaboration postcard series, sometime this year.  So far this has been an awesome experience.  Ed is an extremely talented sound artist and our styles and approaches seem to work very well together.

2 glacis albums are also under way.  One is titled ‘As Long as Water Flows’ and is specifically for a record label who requested it.  The other is something I’ve been working on for a wee while and will feature new pieces as well as some older pieces.  It will be the first full length glacis record and will hopefully be out sometime next year.

Then there is The Kays Lavelle.  Work on the second album is ongoing and is a process.  I have no real timescales for this one.  Just putting tracks together as and when I can and so far so good really.  Hopefully be finished by early 2013 but then securing  a release and all the work involved in that may mean it doesn’t see the light of day until mid to late 2013/early 2014.  We shall see I suppose.

And then there is mini50.  We are delighted to announce the release of Hiva Oa’s debut album ‘The Awkward Hello, Handshake, Kiss’ on 7 September 2012.  This record is going to be released in a very special format and there will be a limited run of the debut EP made, in postcard format, for the lucky people who pre-order the record quickly enough.  The album really is stunning and we are excited to continue our relationship with the band after the success of ‘Future Nostalgia for sale’.  An album launch night will follow the release of the record.  This is pencilled in for 22 September but do keep an eye out for more details either here or here.


2 thoughts on “News update

  1. I don’t know my arse from my elbow at the moment but Hiva Oa is on my “follow up” list. Glad there’s a date for the album; it makes me feel way less guilty about not having gotten back to you in… three months? maybe? Although that’s good for me at the moment x

  2. That’s ok. The album will be coming your way in the next few weeks. Should give you plenty of time before the release date. Time to start raising their profile big time. Pencil in 22 September for their album launch. Adam Stafford confirmed to play and it will be more than a 3 band gig.

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