Rest in Pixels

I always find it funny that we humans often fail to see what is right in front of us.  We will sit on google maps and marvel at the wonder of Paris, Rome, New York, longing to visit these places and take in the wondrous sites and sounds.  And yet, we don’t really notice the place that we live in ourselves.  For me, Edinburgh is a simply stunning place to live in the visual sense.  Everything about it screams “look at me” and yet, too often, we walk with our eyes down, our minds elsewhere and forget to observe the beauty that surrounds us.

Graveyards probably are not the place many people look for true beauty but American Robert Reinhardt has managed to capture the graveyards of Edinburgh since 2000 and an exhibition of his work will go on display in Edinburgh Central Library during the month of August.  You should check out a sample of what will be on offer here but should definitely get along and have a look if you are interested in this city.  It’s a wonderful place worth exploring as there really is beauty even in the most obscure places.  All you have to do is use your eyes.


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