Library Tapes – Sun Peeking Through

In a world where Kurt Cobain made the guitar cool in the 1990s, not many kids were seen to take up piano.  Being a rock star was just not possible sitting down, restricted by the instrument you played.  No, you had to stand, front and centre and you had to be seen and you had to play guitar.  Fortunately, thanks to the likes of Nils Frahm, Peter Broderick and others of this mould, playing the piano doesn’t have to be considered uncool anymore.  In fact, so much of the most interesting music I know and love has been created using a piano.  And nobody does simplistic piano better than David Wenngren better known as Library Tapes.  In fact, he’s probably the artist who originally sucked me into the fascinating world of instrumental, ambient, experimental….whatever you want to call it…music.

‘Sun Peeking Through’ his latest offering under the Library Tapes guise is perhaps a little warmer than some of his earlier work but still has the maudlin feel you would expect from Library Tapes.   But their is definitely optimism shining through this record that has perhaps not always been evident in his earlier work.

Adding to the texture of the record are Danny Norbury (cello), Sarah Kemp (violin) and Julia Kent (cello) and they compliment Wenngren’s piano musings in a subtle and beautiful way.  More acoustic and less glitchy than some of his work this really is another triumph for Library Tapes keeping him firmly at the forefront of his field and making him as vital a musician now as he ever has been.

You can check out Library Tapes new record here.



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