Lizzy Stewart

Lizzy Stewart was the artist behind the artwork for ‘Be Still This Gentle Morning’ by The Kays Lavelle.  So I love her work.  I noticed from her facebook today that she is moving home in London and needs money to help fund the move – the factors apparently being a bunch of expensive twats in London – so I would suggest that you check out her shop here and if you like what you see maybe support her and help her find the pennies she needs to move.  She is a seriously brilliant artist and well worth checking out regardless of her personal situation though!   So please do have a look and if you can afford anything – it being pay time of the month – then do so.   And she’s lovely,  and back when we were working together she put up with my chat about animals – which was impressive.  She even came up with the Badger badges.  Which made my life.  So yeah, support her.  OK.  thanks.


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