Jason Lytle – Dept. of Disappearance

I’m not sure what to say about this record if I am honest.  Part of me wants to say, ‘What’s the fucking point of releasing a solo record when it sounds EXACTLY like your old band and, given the recent reunion, would be as well being released under the Grandaddy name”……so in one sense there is massive disappointment because the record – as a solo project – fails because it is predictable, safe and a little too Grandaddy esque.   But, then there is the part of me that wants to say “Thank fuck Jason Lytle has just released some new music”…simply because this record is littered with, as always, great song writing.  So yeah, it’s safe to say I am confused!

However, I am going to fall on the positive side of the line, because no matter what you say about the music world it is far better off with the music of Jason Lytle than without it, no matter how that is rolled up, pulled together and delivered.

Slacker rock is the name of the game, as ever.  Laden with sweet melodies and harmonies it’s hard not to get sucked in by this record from the word go.  ‘Dept. of Disappearance’ and ‘Matterhorn’ are both slick, sweet pop songs setting the tone for the rest of the record and highlighting the quality of Lytle as a song writer.   ‘Get up and Go’ equally drenched in pop tones, is a smooth appeal to – get up and do it – with Lytle appealing – “everything’s going to be alright”.  It’s a sentiment that is very fitting with a record that does take you on a journey that cannot fail to leave you feeling satisfied and positive come the end.

Don’t get me wrong.  There is not much here that couldn’t be Grandaddy.  Perhaps ‘Your Final Setting Sun’ pushes in a slightly different direction but, for the most part, this is typical Lytle fare.  However the safe conclusion to come to is – thank god for Jason Lytle.  Thank god he is releasing music no matter what name he chooses to use.  Because simply put, this is one of the most enjoyable pop records I’ve heard in a long time.  It is a step forward from his first solo record and hopefully sets a benchmark for future work be that as a solo artist or with the return of Grandaddy to the recording studio.

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