New Damien Rice Tracks

Some artists appear in your life and their music will always be something you connect with.  Damien Rice is definitely one of those artists.  I remember first seeing him as a scruffy nobody supporting Counting Crows and thinking ‘wow’, because it’s not often that support acts really catch your attention given you usually pay for the main event.  Anyways, his debut album ‘O’ was a magical piece of folk music that sadly became overly commercialised and Rice became something I don’t think he ever intended to be.  Perhaps this, coupled with the cracks in his personal and working relationship with Lisa Hannigan, resulted in ‘9’ which can only be described as ‘hugely disappointing’ though first single ‘9 Crimes’ is still one of his finest offerings as a song writer.  This record really failed to build on the brilliance of ‘O’ and left Rice suffering from second album fever and also nursing a broken heart.

Anyways, after a long time away, Rice has previewed new tracks at some solo shows and you can find one of these tracks below.  Time will tell if Rice will release anything new and if he does whether he will ever be able to recapture what made him brilliant in the first place. On the evidence of this track I think the answer is perhaps.  Either way, it’s nice to see him back making music.


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