Top Ten of 2012 – Number 1. Caught in the Wake Forever – Against a Simple Wooden Cross


And so here it is.   The Steinberg Principle’s number one album of 2012.   I have to caveat this announcement with the information that I consider Fraser McGowan to be one of my closest friends but this, in no way, is a reason for his record topping my list.  Indeed, I’ve been listening to records by Fraser for many years now and I don’t think he’s even made my top 10 before now.

Without a shadow of a doubt this record is my favourite of 2012.  There are so many reasons why this record deserves top spot and so many reasons why it deserves more attention and respect than it’s received – particularly in Scotland.  You can read my review of the record here.  And in the meantime, enjoy some music by the man himself.  This award doesn’t mean much really, other than I know from my own experience that it’s a nice feeling when people acknowledge your hard work as a musician.  Reviews are awesome but the feeling of making an end of year list is something different because you have outshone others.   So, massive congratulations to Fraser.  Not for being my number one album of 2012 but for creating a record of such real beauty that will endure and hopefully be discovered by more and more people in the future.  You should check it out now.