glacis – 22.16.04


For those of you who follow what I do musically, I have a new EP out under my glacis guise.  This is available to purchase from Soft Corridors website.  They are a lovely Belgian label who have been so supportive of my work both as glacis and The Kays Lavelle and they have kindly released my new EP entitled ’22.16.04’ as a limited run of 55 copies.  The wonderful artwork is by Jess Pauwels and I must thank both Jess and Julien for their support and belief in what I do.  A massive thank you also to Matt Collings and Ed Hamilton for helping me write and produce the music, Ana Roman for recording me playing the piano and Fraser McGowan for mastering the whole thing.

Please, if you are a glacis fan, buy this EP and support Soft Corridor, a wonderful label in the early stages of their existence.


2 thoughts on “glacis – 22.16.04

  1. Thanks Tom. Really great little label who deserve to succeed because they care. And the art is lovely. But then Jess is a great artist. Nice little thing they have going. Hope you enjoy it once it arrives!

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