Mat Riviere – Not Even Doom Music

mat riviere

I guess I wanted to start the New Year with something a bit exciting.  Something quite extraordinary and groundbreaking.  And in ‘Not Even Doom Music’ I have found a quite astounding record.

I don’t know much about Mat Riviere if I’m honest.  I know him because Stephen from Hiva Oa told me he had a record I’d love and that it was by a friend of Hailey Beavis, one half of The Good Ship and sometime collaborator with Hiva Oa.  So he sent it over and sure enough, not only do I like it but I really, really like it.  This record is the benchmark for 2013 and it has only just begun – I cannot say that happens all that often but this year it has.

I’m not sure even how to describe the record.  It sounds a bit like a garage style Arcade Fire.  Beats and cracks and pianos and other stuff crash in and drift out as Riviere sings/shouts/screams from some far off mountain top.  I mean, his voice is odd but it’s like he’s singing a mile away from the music and it works making this record sound very, very rough around the edges but deliberately so and quite brilliantly so.

It is challenging without a doubt but there is an understanding of melody and harmony here that probably should clash with the music but somehow comes off, perhaps again down to that wonderful and intriguing voice of Riviere.

Is this the best we will here in 2013?  I don’t know, but it will take something really special to be more interesting, challenging and diverse.

For something truly original and exciting please go here and order your vinyl copy of this record along with all the added little bonuses that will come your way.  And mark my words, this record will do very, very well in 2013.


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