Balmorhea – Stranger

Yeah, this is a 2012 record.  Yeah, it’s 2013.  I know.  Slack on my part.  Well, not really.  In all honesty, I don’t know where I find the time to listen to music anymore.  Somewhere in amongst all the things going on in my life I try to find the time to listen to new music but I have been flooded with the stuff in the last year and sometimes, I admit, it’s all a bit overwhelming.   There is just so much to consume and not enough time in a day to do it.  A lot of the music that I listen to gets air time at my work as I sit with headphones on to drown out the white noise of the office.  And that’s kind of what happened with this record.  Forgotten about until the start of the year, I turned on my ipod and wanted something fresh.  And there it was, magic art work and all.

I will be honest.  Had I not seen Balmorhea live before I may not have persevered with this record either.  There definitely wasn’t an instant connection but I started to remember watching them live.  The brilliance of the playing.  The intracicies of the music.  The complexities of structure.  The masterclass in piano.  Getting lost in a sea of stunning harmonies and melodies that picked you up and carried you for and hour and a half before laying you gentley down to rest.  And before I knew it I was consumed yet again by what really is a wonderful record.  Once you give it time to soak in to your mind and to take over your bones, this really is another top record.

If you like Balmorhea this is definitely for you.  If you like music that enlightens and elevates this is also for you.  It’s warmth is a welcome tonic to the miserable grey, drizzle outside our windows.  Maybe it would have snuck into my top 10 list for last year, the jury is out but it’s certainly a record worth owning and embracing for it will raise the spirits during this dull January.

You can check out this and other Balmorhea records here.  Enjoy.


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