T.E Morris – The Hanging Man.


Ages ago I wrote about the wonderful debut EP by T.E Morris, front man of Her Name Is Calla.  Since that release, in January 2011, he seems to have been a busy boy releasing music regularly on his bandcamp page.  He’s also been kept busy with his band.  Quite a remarkable level of output if I’m honest, so approaching this new EP entitled ‘The Hanging Man’ I was a little apprehensive.  Surely such a prolific output means that quality is filtered out?  Apparently not.   This is yet again a stunning piece of music from a truly gifted song-writer.  Unlike HNIC where post-rock is the order of the day, Morris approaches his solo stuff with a delicacy and intimacy that some of the best solo song-writers fail to capture.  At times I cannot believe that this is his side project, possibly undertaken for fun in between Calla records.  This is seriously accomplished song-writing delivered in the most beautiful fashion.

I cannot recommend this EP highly enough.  16 odd minutes of pure bliss.  ‘I Love You Satellite is simply stunning.  Please check out T.E Morris here.



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