Old Earth – Small Hours Pre-Order Now Available


We are very excited to announce that pre-order of the new Old Earth album ‘Small Hours’ is now available from the mini50 records bandcamp page.  This record is Todd Umhoefer’s follow up to the brilliant ‘low place at the Old Place’ and we hope that you will help support the record by getting your pre-order in early.  Obviously all money made from pre-orders helps us get the best product we can and promote it the best we can so we really do need your support with this one and hope that you can spare some pennies to get your hands on something special.  Definitely one for fans of Smog or Mount Eerie.


mini50 – Old Earth

Old Earth Mr Todd

There are further price reductions over at the mini50 records bandcamp page with most things being less than £4 whether physical or digital.  I really don’t think you will find many labels offering such great prices for their music.  So please, if you can spare some pennies, get over their and buy yourself some new music.

Also, we are getting ready to release the new record by Old Earth entitled ‘Small Hours’.  This record is AMAZING and we are very excited to be releasing it.  It’s going to be available soon as a pre-order to help us fund the release.  As such, when you pre-order you will receive an immediate download of the record and we will send you a pdf of all the art work but you will not receive the physical items until April when they are released.  We hope you will support this venture so we can produce something truly special as this record deserves special.

Anyways, it will come in 3 packages.

  1. CD only.
  2. CD and Old Earth tote bag.
  3. CD, Old Earth tote bag, bonus EP and download code for ‘low place at the Old Place’

Obviously the digital option will also be available to all customers.  So please.  Buy this record and help us support a vital and exciting artist.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Push the Sky Away

Nick Cave

I wouldn’t describe myself as the biggest Nick Cave fan.  I have not been there since the beginning nor do I own the Bad Seeds full back catalogue or even both Grinderman records.  However, one day I was introduced to Abattoir Blues/Lyre of Orpheus by a friend and I fell in love with his work instantly.  It’s hard to explain what grabbed me instantly that day but there was an instant connection for sure.  I did buy some other albums, the Boatman’s Call being at the top of my LOVE list.  And I even, unlike most, enjoyed the last Bad Seeds outing Dig Lazarus Dig.  Seeing him live was also an amazing, and quite spiritual, experience.  So, I have been looking forward to this record for some time.  And believe me, it was worth the wait.

For fans of Nick Cave the mad gesticulating, preacher man.  For fans of Bad Seeds heavy guitar attacks – this record might not be for you.  It’s chilled, but not in a Boatman’s Call kind of piano led way either.  No, this is at times challenging, it’s definitely odd and it’s just fantastic.

It’s kind of odd.  There are drums going on but it took me a good few listens to actually notice them properly.  All the tension and builds seem to be done without the need for drums.  Looking back, my initial perceptions were perhaps a little off but there is still a creative spark to this record that goers beyond the need for the conventional instrumentation of previous records.  Heavily lead by the violin of Warren Ellis tracks like ‘We Real Cool’ are just sublime.  ‘Jubilee Street’ is another fantastic track driven on by Cave and his usual brilliant lyricism.  But it’s not heavy and it’s not aggressive and it’s not flamboyant or over the top.  It’s restrained.  It’s gritty and beautiful.  Summed up perfectly by album closer and title track ‘Push the Sky Away’.

The art for this record is also beautiful.  Easy to say it’s a hot naked girl and that’s why you like it.  But that photograph!  Wow.  I want to own it, frame it and put it somewhere I can see it every day.  It’s stunning.  And not often does a piece of art perfectly reflect the music on offer on the disc within.  It’s a little bit naughty.  A little bit playful.  A little bit dirty.  A little bit beautiful.   It’s a bit dark and a bit light.  And it’s hugely brilliant, highlighting the Bad Seeds as still massively relevant and important and completely capable of mixing up their sound in such a delightful way.  Not bad for album 15 really.


Graveyard Tapes – Our Sound Is Our Wound

Coming in March from our label Lost Tribe Sound.  Exciting.



Art work by the exceptionally talented Jamie Mills.  This is availble in Super Deluxe or Deluxe form and is limited edition so you will need to get your hands on these things quick smart if you want a copy.  We have a feature on us in next months Textura along with a review of the album and we know there are a number of other publications reviewing the record.  So it’s an exciting time for us.  We’re also in the process of beginning work on album number two.  So all go for Graveyard Tapes after 3 years of work…

Old Earth – Small Hours

We are so excited to be releasing the new Old Earth album ‘Small Hours’ on mini50 in Spring this year.  Going to be news on this coming very, very soon so please keep your eyes peeled.  In the meantime, enjoy this wee trailer that has been made to help promote the record.