mini50 – Old Earth

Old Earth Mr Todd

There are further price reductions over at the mini50 records bandcamp page with most things being less than £4 whether physical or digital.  I really don’t think you will find many labels offering such great prices for their music.  So please, if you can spare some pennies, get over their and buy yourself some new music.

Also, we are getting ready to release the new record by Old Earth entitled ‘Small Hours’.  This record is AMAZING and we are very excited to be releasing it.  It’s going to be available soon as a pre-order to help us fund the release.  As such, when you pre-order you will receive an immediate download of the record and we will send you a pdf of all the art work but you will not receive the physical items until April when they are released.  We hope you will support this venture so we can produce something truly special as this record deserves special.

Anyways, it will come in 3 packages.

  1. CD only.
  2. CD and Old Earth tote bag.
  3. CD, Old Earth tote bag, bonus EP and download code for ‘low place at the Old Place’

Obviously the digital option will also be available to all customers.  So please.  Buy this record and help us support a vital and exciting artist.


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