Two Things

Firstly,  check these out!!

2013-04-14 17.14.14
Secondly, why not go here and check out Book Group.  Graeme, the lead singer/guitarist/megaphone player used to be in The Kays Lavelle with me,  as did bassist Scott Finnigan and I know Mikey well from Come on Gang – so you could say I have a vested interest.  Despite not having seen them live I have heard really good things about them and this track suggests a Depreciados, early Idlewild, early Teenage Fanclub, early Grandaddy vibe to what they do.  It’s pay what you like, but as always I’d suggest you pay something as bands do appreciate that.  They have an EP ‘Homeward Sound’ out on 18 May and are celebrating with a launch night at Pilrig Church in Edinburgh that very evening.  Enjoy