Recommended Listening – Week Beginning 20 May 2013

New approach here at The Steinberg Principle.  As a record label manager and artist in my own right, I don’t really know whether it’s appropriate for me to be reviewing music here anymore.  So, rather than write about the music I’ve decided to just share some things that I am listening to each week in this new section called ‘Recommended Listening’.  Hopefully you will check out some of the acts I highlight and enjoy what you hear.  So, in an attempt to stop waffling on:

Evening Hymns – Spectral Dusk


I cannot even remember how I came across this artist but it was during an internet browsing session.  Anyways, I came across them and love this record.  If you are in Scotland, they are playing Pivo Pivo in Glasgow tomorrow night and if you are not already heading to see Mount Eerie I would recommend going to their show.

Loscil – Intervalo


Loscil is from Vancouver, Canada and makes gorgeous music.  Here he teams up with Seattle based pianist Kelly Wyse to produce a sublime piece of music that I cannot recommend highly enough.  Simply beautiful.

The National – Trouble Will Find Me


Is this record as good as ‘High Violet’ – well, that’s a matter of personal taste if you ask me.  I think it is the product of High Violet but tips its cap much much more to earlier National.  It’s sweeter.  Less full on if you like.  And I think it’s well worth owning.  In typical National fashion there are no surprises. No changes of direction.  Just the National doing what they do well.  And I cannot criticise them for that.

Now Wakes The Sea – You’re An Atlas


I have always meant to check out Bo’ness artist Now Wakes the Sea but for one reason or another I have not managed.  Well, now I have and it’s well worth it.  Interesting, alternative, experimental.  All good words to describe this record.  Well worth a listen if you have the time.

The Apples of Energy – a ghost from a whisper


Another Scottish act I’ve always meant to check out and failed to do so until now.  Recommended by Matt Collings of Graveyard Tapes I had to give it a listen and again, much like Now Wakes the Sea, I am glad I did.  Another act showing that there is a lot of creative, interesting music out there in Scotland – you just  have to work hard to find it at times.

Benoit Pioulard – Hymnal


Benoit Pioulard is a solo artist probably better known to some for his album with Rafael Anton Irrisari under the name Orcas.  Well, he’s got plenty of solo material to digest and his latest offering via Kranky is this wonderful record ‘Hymnal’.  Cannot stop listening to it.  Just something special going on.  But then Orcas are pretty special too.  Talented man.  Will be a conversation piece with him coming up on the blog soon too so not only is he talented but he’s an interesting guy and very lovely too.  Keep your eyes open for that one.

The Haxan Cloak – Excavation


One of my favourite pieces of music this year?  Absolutely!  The Haxan Cloak’s debut record was something magnificent and this wonderous piece of music continues the descent in to the dark world of Bobby Krilic.  Check it out immediately because this man is impressive.  I will never tire of his work.



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