Highly Recommended for Today

Cannot praise Caught in the Wake Forever highly enough.  His EP on mini50 was a brilliant start to his work and his follow up debut album Against a Simple Wooden Cross, released on the wonderful Hibernate was sensational.  I look at that Scottish Album of the Year list and it’s a massive glaring ommission.  I guess though, if you’re not on one of the more well known labels or an established act you will be overlooked for things like that.  Shame though.  Brilliant brilliant record.  Eclipses most of the Scottish records I’ve been hearing in the past year or so.  And now this.  I’ve been lucky enough to have had this amazing little EP since it was finished.  Now, through the awesome Audio Gourmet, it’s available to everyone – and it’s name your price!  So if you do go to get it, please pay a little something as it’s worth more than free.  But regardless, make sure you check it out because it continues the wonderful story of Caught in the Wake Forever.