Recommended Listening – Week Beginning 27 May

Just before anyone mentions that it’s actually the week beginning 26 May – I know it is – but for the purposes of this feature I will be using Monday as my first day of the week.  So, anyways, this weeks recommended listening:

Hospital Ships – Destruction in Yr Soul


I’d heard a bit of Hospital Ships before but Graveface records introduced me to one of my favourite records of last year by Dreamend.  Now they are introducing me to this excellent record that deserves a lot of airtime.  Something it’s currently receiving on my stereo.  Check it out.

Talvihorros – And It Was So


Ben Chatwin I consider a friend.  Talvihorros I consider an amazing artist.  This record really shows groth from ‘Descent into Delta’ and has propelled Ben into a different world of music really.  Released on the ever reliable Denovali this record should keep his ever growing reputation moving in the right direction.

Matthew Collings – Splintered Instruments


It could be bias that I am recommending to 2 records by friends this week but it’s actually just because they are two awesome records by two great artists.  Matt is the other half of the Graveyard Tapes project but this record really lets you get a feel for what it is he is all about as an artist.  Our two very different musical worlds collide to create Gtapes.  This is Matthew on his ferocious own.  Make sure you check it out and enjoy.  Hard not to.

Field Report – Field Report


I stumbled across Field Report because of Old Earth’s association with the members of the band.  It so happens that front man Chris Porterfield was in a band with Justin Vernon in a previous life.  After they went their separate ways Vernon obviously achieved super star status under his Bon Iver guise whilst Porterfield worked slowly on his own material recording it at Vernon’s own studio.  And the result is this record.  As highlighted by yesterday’s video this man is a real talent of his own.  Check it out.  Gorgeous.

Eluvium – Nightmare Ending


I saw Eluvium support Explosions in the Sky years ago and have been a fan ever since.  Another great offering from a great artist.  Check it out when you can.