Recommended Listening – Week Begnning 3 June 2013

Well, another week another selection of great music to choose from.  So let’s get started.

Orcas – Orcas


This one is simply because I saw Rafael Anton Irisarri post about having copies left on his bandcamp site as well as being in the process of a conversation piece with the other half of the group Benoit Pioulard.  So, please do check this out because it’s a simply fantastic record, that admittedly took a while to grow on me, that deserves to be heard widely.

The Felice Brothers – God Bless You Amigo


The Felice Brothers posted this a wee while back to coincide with their need for a new Winnebago.   It’s very rough but very special.  Particularly ‘Her Eyes Dart Round’ which, when we saw them live last year, was a request from an audience member.  Rather than play what they were obviously planning to, Ian just played this instead on his own and it was something special to remember.  I love The Felice Brothers.  This record just reminds me why.

Ed Hamilton – Sketches for Skomer


Ed and I are working together on a record titled ‘The World is a Little Lonelier Without You’.  It’s an 8 (9?) track record that we hope will see the light of day sometime later this year or early next year.  He’s a wonderful musician and a wonderful guy and I cannot recommend this record highly enough.  Do check it out.

Mogwai – Les Revenants


Simply because I love Mogwai.  This record is not what you’d expect though.  Much, much more piano for a piece of music that holds together beautifully as a soundtrack.  Much like Zidane did actually.

Mount Eerie – Lost Wisdom


I also love Mount Eerie.  Amazing to think this was released at the same time as Clear Moon and Ocean Roar.  Enough said really.  The man is a genius.

Leonardo Rosado – The Blue Nature of Everyday


Stumbled upon this over the weekend.  Released last year but well worth a listen if you have the time.


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