Recommended Listening – Week Beginning 10 June 2013

Another week another list of music to check out.  Some new.  Some Old.  All great.  Please have a listen if you have a chance.

Matthew Collings – Elysia



Described on his bandcamp page as “an exploration in crashing guitars meeting rhythmic processes, mediated by systems of compression and amplification,”  this new release from Matthew Collings is really worth checking out.  I have only seen it performed live so will be giving this a spin myself this week but if it’s anything like the live version then it can only be mind blowingly good.  Another fine piece of work from my Graveyard Tapes partner.

Aereogramme – Acoustic Tour CDs



Back when Aereogramme existed, before The Unwinding Hours, they sold acoustic cds on tour.  These were only available at their shows and everyone who heard them told me they were magnificent.  Well, the band have, from the grave, made these 5 CDs available on their bandcamp page.  They cost £1 each (or more) and I will be downloading them all this week!  You should too.

Guy Gelem – Eighteen Minutes



We released this record on mini50 back in 2012, so this is a bit of shameless self promotion.  Although, not really because it’s just promotion of a really great record that this week is available in postcard, 3″ cdr format.   We just felt it was too good not to release in some kind of physical format and this collectors edition has arrived and looks beautiful.  It’s only £5 too and is really quite a beautiful record.  Check it out and if you like what you hear then please spend a penny or five hundred.

Young Fathers – Tape Two


I saw Young Fathers the other month at the Voodoo Rooms and they were immense.  You can now stream their new record Tape Two at the link above and you should.  It’s hard to place them into any kind of box to be honest.  An amazing mix of aggressive hip hop and soul.  Really great listening for the week ahead.

Father John Misty – Fear Fun


I love this record and J Tillman.  As a serious troubadour he wrote some of the most beautiful records I own.  And this is up there with the best if a slight change in direction.  He’s also become a lot less serious in his approach to music and life by the looks of things – given his new perfume range for women…..anyways, check out this brilliant record and of course J Tillman’s back catalogue for amazing records like ‘A Year in the Kingdom’.  Real talent.