Recommended Listening – Week Beginning 17th June 2013

Another week, another list of music worth checking out.

Coma Cinema – Posthumous Release



Really don’t know much about this act other than I stumbled across them, this record cost me $1 to download and I’ve been giving it a lot of love since.  Something really refreshing about the songs, the approach and the overall feel of the record.  Definitely worth checking out if you have a moment.

Sigur Ros – Kveikur



Let’s get this one over with.  For years now Sigur Ros have been treading water doing nothing more than being what everyone expected from Sigur Ros.  A band in autopilot doing nothing that made them so exciting in the first place.  And then…well, then this!  It’s dark, it’s more Nine Inch Nails than glacial landscapes and it’s really a stunning surprise for me because I never expected anything new or exciting.  And this is fresh and exciting and I’m delighted.

Foxes in Fiction – Alberto



I found this lot through Benoit Pioulard as I’m sure they supported him on his recent tour of the USA.  Something dreamy in a similar fashion to the work of Pioulard which makes me even more certain that I am right about this.  Really sweet tunes.  And everything on their site is free.  Which is not really a good thing for them because they are really interesting.  But it is good if you want to check out new music from an exciting act.

Altos – Altos



I am really excited about this lot.  One of them is in the simply excellent Volcano Choir.  I found this EP through Old Earth though as they are all from the same neck of the woods – i.e. Wisconsin.  It’s hard to describe what they do other than to say it’s seriously interesting and alternative and my ears are fully pricked on this one.

Invisible Elephant – The Lights Go Out



Seriously great record and his follow up was pretty awesome too.  Definitely one I’ve gone back to in the past few days.  And that art work.  Just love it.  Anyways, well worth checking out and keeping an eye on for in the future too.  In my opinion, anyways.


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