Recommended Listening – Week Begining 24th June 2013

Another week, another list people.

Adam Stafford – Imaginary Walls Collapse


I have always been a massive fan of Adam Stafford.  Y’all Is Fantasy Island, his band, were just awesome and as he slowly developed as a solo artist I kept banging on about him and nobody listened.  Way back when we even put him on the one and only Trampoline sampler such was our love for his music.  Then, we became friends and he put The Kays Lavelle out on his label Wiseblood Industries.  Well, now people are listening.  First Gerry Loves Records and now Song, By Toad Records have managed to convince him to work with them.  And I am delighted for him.   He was kind enough to share this record with me before it’s release and I guarantee you will not be disappointed, so go here and get your pre-order in now.

Now Wakes the Sea – God’s Light, Withdrawn


I have recommended Now Wakes the Sea not that long ago.  Well, I am doing so again because Alan has gone and released a short EP, recorded mainly on a child’s casio keyboard and it’s simply brilliant.  There are limited copies so if you do like this make sure you get your hands on this asap.

Boards of Canada – Tomorrow’s Harvest


I will be honest.  I can not declare myself a massive fan of Boards of Canada.  I always kind of liked their stuff without being a huge fan boy.  And that trend continues with this record.  It’s nice enough so if you have time you should definitely give it a spin.

TE Morris – And You Were The Hunter


I’ve always been a fan of TE Morris’ solo work.  Frontman of Her Name Is Calla he has always impressed me more as solo musician.  This is his new record out this month.  Like his previous work this is definitely worth checking out.

Ben Frost – By The Throat



Sometimes records lead you to records and Sigur Ros’ new record lead me back to one of my all time favourites the amazing By The Throat by Ben Frost.  Clearly Sigur Ros had been listening to this mans work before starting work on their new record and that really is no bad thing because citing this man as an influence is definitely something exciting.  Brilliant record.  Brilliant art work.


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