Recommended Listening – Week Beginning 1st July 2013

Another week and this time a very brief run down of what I recommend you check out.

Devandra Banhart – Mala


I’ve never really been a big Devandra Banhart fan other than of his art work which I saw displayed at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in a retrospective with Paul Klee.  Some of his stuff was brilliant and I am assuming he’s responsible again for the gorgeous album art above.  He’s also responsible, obviously, for the music and from what I have heard so far this is very much worth exploring.  So I shall.  And so should you.

The Staves – Facing West EP


The Staves I found through Fionn Regan.  They appeared on his album ‘1o0 Acres of Sycamore’ and more recently in a video for ‘Salt and Clove’s from his most recent record.  A band from Watford themselves they kind of feel like they are from the deep south of the USA.  Funny because I cannot imagine a place further from that than Watford so a bit odd to know they are English!   Anyways, if you dig bluegrass/american then these guys might well be for you.

Caught in the Wake Forever – Meditations in Exile

Meditations In Exile Cover

Not sure I should be sharing this one because it’s my dirty little secret.  Fraser being one of my best friends has shared this new record with me and it sounds amazing.  So, there is definitely something new by him coming your way but in the meantime check out his older work through mini50, hibernate and audio gourmet.
So that’s all this week really.


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