Top Twenty 2013 – Number 18. Keaton Henson – Birthdays

It’s not often that music stops me in my tracks nowadays.  When I heard Keaton Henson perform ‘You’ at Manchester Museum that’s exactly what happened.  Odd voice, amazing lyrics, just one of those artists who really can stop you in your tracks.

‘Birthdays’ is a fantastic album too.  Fragile and emotionally devastating from the off there comes a point in the album when you feel there needs to be a change – and Henson delivers with booming drums and big guitars suddenly erupting and bringing the fragility to a close, temporarily.  The tenderness does return but from that point on the mix of tempo and tone is altogether changed and ensures that this record doesn’t become boring.  Were there not to be a change I think this would fall short.  However, Henson delivers and emotional and beautiful record packed with devastating beauty.  Well worth checking out.