Top Twenty of 2013. Number 17 – Chantal Acda – Let Your Hands Be My Guide

I have known Chatal Acda for a long time now.  I put on one of her early Sleepingdog shows during her tour for ‘Polar Life’.  In fact, I still have a book with the Polar Life sticker on it that I used to use for The Kays Lavelle lyrics/ideas.  Now, as we approach 2014 and about 7 or 8 years since we first met, I am the lucky man who will have Chantal’s voice on the new Kays album – hopefully on two tracks.  And for me, it’s all about that voice.  Always has been.  From Sleepingdog, through True Bypass and on to this, her first album using her own name, she has left me floored by the beauty of her vocal.  It’s not a pure voice, but the way she uses it makes me feel like I am experiencing the full embrace of winter.  Infact, I am not sure I could listen to this record at any other point of the year such is the connection to the beautiful ice forming all around us.

It’s also lovely to to have her step out from behind her other disguises.  Part of the beauty of this record is the raw honesty in the words, as Chantal seems to be truly opening her soul to us.  Fitting then that it is with her own name she delivers this wonderful album.

And it’s great to see somebody so talented finally appear to be getting the attention that she deserves.  4 stars in Mojo and a whole host of rave reviews from other music sources, this is an album you have to let in this winter.


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