Top Twenty of 2013. Number 14 – Bastardgeist – Infinite Lives

Only really stumbled upon Joel Midden towards the end of this year thanks to the wonderful Mat Riviere.  He pointed us in the direction of this wonderful artist and the rest is history.  Infinite Lives is hard to describe, but so is most of what Midden does.  The best way to find out what this artist is all about is to give the record a listen.  You will not be disappointed.  From the scittery beats to the mad falsetto vocals, Bastardgeist is an incredible artist and one to watch in 2014.  From Chicago but now based in London there should be plenty chance for us Brits to catch him live next year.  Indeed, mini50/trampoline have him coming up to play shows in Edinburgh and Glasgow at the start of February, so keep your eyes open for those dates and do not miss out on getting your hands on this record on vinyl.