Top Twenty of 2013. Number 13 – William Ryan Fritch – The Waiting Room OST

I have been fortunate to work with William Ryan Fritch on a number of things.  We are working on a glacis/WRF collaboration project at the moment along with my girlfriend.  He has also contributed his talents to both the finished second Graveyard Tapes album and to the ongoing second Kays Lavelle album.  He’s a true gent and without doubt one of the most talented people I have ever worked with.  In fact, I would probably put the title genius on him – because he is that talented.

These talents are not going unoticed by film makers across the pond and since the release of this record I believe he has nearly completed a record with Jon Mueller, drummer for Volcano Choir, has a number of albums finished and ready for release on Lost Tribe Sound and indeed has a lot more TV and film work lined up for 2014 on a pretty major scale.  So yes. William Ryan Fritch is one to watch.

You can read my review of this record here and also the conversation William and I had for the blog earlier this year.  Keep your eye on this man  because big things beckon for him in 2014.