Top Twenty of 2013. Number 9 – Atoms for Peace – AMOK

Man I love Thom Yorke.  Radiohead have played a massive role in my musical life since I was a teenager and I would probably class Thom Yorke as a musical hero.  This of course can leave you open to liking something simply because of who produced it.  Hopefully I have grown enough in the past years to not be that way inclined anymore.  So, I approached this album with some trepidation and concern.  ‘The Eraser’ was a good album but not mind blowing.  Thing is, no matter what you think about Mr Yorke’s music – I have plenty of friends who find Radiohead morbid and depressing – nobody can question his creativity and desire to push boundaries.  He’s always challenging himself as a musician and pushing himself to create music that is worthy of attention.  And yet again, with this record, he achieves that. In fact, he produces a record that I think eclipses Radiohead’s last offering.  With Flea and Nigel Godrich along for the ride Atoms for Peace are no Radiohead rip offs.  Yorke’s voice inevitably will draw the comparisons from lazy journalists, but this is fresh and it’s different and it’s challenging and reinforces the importance of artists like Thom Yorke.  Whilst people often say that musicians get worse with age Yorke shows no signs of this and, I have to say, I see similar trends with other artists such as Nick Cave, The Flaming Lips and more – they just get better.  So yeah, a brilliant record packed with brilliant tracks.  Check it out.





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