Top Twenty of 2013. Number 8 – Mogwai – Les Revenants

Like Thom Yorke, Mogwai just get better and more exciting with age.  That’s not to say that I don’t value their early work – Come On Die Young is still one of my all time favourite records – but they just seem to mature and develop and change all the time, keeping you on your toes whilst always reminding you that they are Mogwai.  Those who criticise them for sounding like other acts – I am not sure how a band who created and have been at the forefront of a whole genre for nearly 15 years can be accused of this.  Instruments change, tone of their records change, but one thing always remains the same.  Mogwai sound like Mogwai and anyone who says otherwise is just wrong.  They have such a distinct sound and tone to their work that it’s impossible to mistake them for anyone else.  And so what if outside influences creep in, it only serves to keep them fresh and energising.  I cannot wait for Rave Tapes in 2014!

This record is mostly based around beautiful piano compositions.  Dark and haunting, short and to the point.  A perfect soundtrack album, much like Zidane was all those years ago.  Mogwai are not going anywhere, and I do believe they will always be exciting and relevant because they want to be and that makes them important.


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