Top Twenty of 2013. Number 7 – Matthew Collings – Splintered Instruments

Following on from Mogwai, let’s talk about an artist who is exceptionally relevant and exciting and yet so under the radar it’s not real.  Matthew Collings releases as Sketches for Albinos.  He releases as one half of Graveyard Tapes.  And here he has released, under his own name, a stunning record.  Produced by Ben Frost this record does have Frost’s mark on it but let’s not make any mistakes here – this is Collings work and showcases him as one of the most exciting and talented composers to be working not only in Scotland but in the UK.   Is there some bias here?  Well, some would say yes because I have had the pleasure, and challenge, of working with Matt as Graveyard Tapes.  But I am being honest when I say that he stands above anyone I know as a musician, as a composer and as an artist.   His gift for sound and sound manipulation is to the fore on this dense and challenging work but like all good composers the balance between ferocious attack and uneasy restraint is perfection throughout.  I don’t throw the word genius about very often and many people will find this work far too challenging – but Matthew Collings has that touch of genius and I don’t doubt his stock will rise in 2014 and beyond.  We should be thankful to have him on our shores and more Scottish magazines and music fans should be talking about him.  But their loss is no big deal.  He has the world at his fingertips and soon his genius will be unleashed.  Of that there is no doubt.

This record is sold out now in physical form but do check out the digital version from Fluid Audio.





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