Top Twenty of 2013. Number 4 – Mat Riviere – Not Even Doom Music

This was one of the first records I heard in 2013.  At the time I said it would be hard to find a record more exciting in the year and this has proven to be the case with only 3 records surpassing it in my opinion.  To add to the excitment of this record, Mat came up and played a few shows with Old Earth in August and hearing some of the album tracks live – especially Gardens – was just amazing.  Whilst he lacks a little in terms of vocal quality the songs and the delivery are special.  A gifted song writer with a brilliant ear this album won’t stop being a favourite as 2013 ends.  My review described the record as ground-breaking and I would stand by that claim.  It’s a bit shouty, a bit mad, hugely challenging and massively complex but if you don’t like your music easy listening then the chances are you are going to like this.  And most excitingly, it looks like mini50 will get to work with Matt in 2014 – so all good.  In the meantime, do check this brilliant record out.


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