Top Twenty of 2013. Number 2 – The Flaming Lips – The Terror

I have to be honest, the top two has been uncertain for a long time.  I always knew my top two records of 2013 – I just couldn’t figure out the order and so I based it on the album I go back to more.  Not much more, but more.  And so, missing out on the top spot by a very small margin are The Flaming Lips with the simply awesome ‘The Terror’.  (Awesome, despite a Beatles cover!)

I’ve always been a Flaming Lips fan.  I’ve seen them live and have loved their work since ever I first saw them perform tracks of ‘The Soft Bulletin’ on Jools Holland.  Fantastic showmen and so creative my admiration for them has perhaps always outweighed my love of their work.  And yet this record is amazing and I cannot get enough of it.  There is this old thing in music that artists get less exciting the older they get – but I cannot see it.  I think this album proves that even in your 50s you can still create exciting, challenging works that continue to make you hugely relevant and important in music circles.  This record inspired me during the writing of the second Graveyard Tapes and Kays Lavelle records.  I go back to it time and again for inspiration and I know it will stand the test of time.  All the best records do.

So, whilst I did think it would make the number one spot on my list it has ended up at number two – through no fault of its own, other than the number one album has been on my stereo more.