Top Twenty of 2013. Number 1 – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Push the Sky Away

Well, here it is.  My album of the year.  Not by much, as I said yesterday, but it wins simply because it is the record I have gone back to over and over during the year.  It’s not often that records like that come along.  From start to finish, inspiring.  I’ve had two this year.  This and the Flaming Lips.  So it was a toss up I admit and my opinion on which is the number one has fluctuated throughout the year.  However, at make your mind up time I went for ‘Push the Sky Away’.

Those massive Nick Cave fans of the world may hate this – I don’t know, but I doubt it but for me it’s a simply brilliant record and possibly the best I own by Nick Cave.  I love his work with the Bad Seeds as much as I love his soundtrack work with Warren Ellis.  This record kind of feels like the point at which the two collide.  There is a much more filmic feel to the music underpinning the usual wonderful vocals by Cave.  It’s more delicate than some of the recent Bad Seeds records and harks back a bit to earlier times whilst embracing the experimental nature of modern music.  You can read my review from earlier this year and perhaps try the videos below just to see just why I love this record.  Or, you can do yourself a favour and buy it on vinyl. The art is stunning and the whole thing feels like a wonderful composition.  Treat yourself.  It’s Christmas.