2014 A Personal Odyssey

2014 is going to be a big year for me on a personal level.  There is a lot happening musically…a lot!

Fans of The Kays Lavelle will finally see the release of album two for starters.  It’s been 4 years since ‘Be Still This Gentle Morning’ and it feels like the time has come to finally get album two out there.  The record feels more mature, more experimental and more challenging.  Hopefully fans of the first album will still identify with what’s happening but I do feel working on the Graveyard Tapes and glacis records has helped me grow as a musician and think in a different way about what I want.  I also feel free on this record to express myself as it’s not a band offering.  It’s me alone, with the help of a few friends.  It’s going to be called ‘Paint the Devil on the Wall and the Devil Will Come’ and I am hoping it will be out in the later half of 2014, most likely through mini50 records – unless of course there is an offer from somewhere else.

As for Graveyard Tapes, we will also have our second album out in 2014.  Again it will be released through Lost Tribe Sound and it is anticipated to be coming out around October time. Both Matt and I are very excited about this record seeing it as a big leap forward from ‘Our Sound is Our Wound’.  Along for the ride on this album was Ben Chatwin, better known to many as Talvihorros.  Ben has a number of writing and performing credits on the record and we feel he added a lot to the process.  It’s going to be an exciting time with that record.  After the lovely reception we received for our debut we are keen to see how this record will fare.

As for glacis.  Well, I have one record – a collaboration with Ed Hamilton in the final stages of mixing, ready to be mastered and released.  I am working on a record with William Ryan Fritch and my girlfriend Ali Millar – recording some more pieces for this in February.  And I am also working wit photographer Julien Lambrechts to produce ‘Lost Again on Waking: Volume II’  So all in all, it’s a busy, busy year ahead.  There is much I want to achieve through music this year and hopefully my 3 different projects will yeild some successes – whatever these may be.

mini50 is another thing altogether.  As highlighted in my previous post we are facing an exiting and busy year as a label.

It’s all go.  Exciting times.


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