Mogwai – Rave Tapes

I said to myself that I wouldn’t write music reviews anymore.  I said to myself that I had no right to try and critique music – who wants to listen to me anyways?  I said to myself that I would focus on using the blog for mini50 purposes and put the music writing on the back burner.  I said to myself that I didn’t have the time to write about other music.  I said that it would take some special music to make me want to write again.

Mogwai.  One simple word but along with Wilco, Sparklehorse and Tom Waits, are an essential part of my musical taste and upon hearing their new record ‘Rave Tapes’, I felt compelled to write again.  I’ll be honest too, the albums by There Will Be Fireworks, The Notwist and the Benoit Pioulard remix album have also got me right in to the musical swing in 2014.  So it’s a great start to the year for my little ears.   Long may it continue.

And yet, I will refrain from reviews.  I will simply say this about Rave Tapes: it continues to highlight the importance and relevance of Mogwai, nearly 20 years on from when they began. It’s 15 years since I saw them live for the first time in the Netherlands and in these 15 years I have watched them grow from a tiny Scottish band to one of the most important and ground breaking acts in the UK.  So it’s with great excitement I tell you to get your hands on Rave Tapes.  Owing more to last years ‘Les Revenants’ than to ‘Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will’, this album is essential listening in 2014 for all people with ears in need of musical love.  Enjoy.


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