Damon Albarn – Everyday Robots

Let’s get something clear.  I am not a Blur fan.  Not in the slightest.  Never have been.  I hated Parklife.  I mean hated.  Yuck.  Perhaps hate is too strong a word because I do admit that they had some fantastic moments.  ‘Beetlebum’ is as stunning now as it was at the time of it’s release and a lot of the tracks on ‘Think Tank’ were simply gorgeous.  I liked them most though when they were downbeat and understated.   I am also not a massive Gorillaz fan either.   I found the work interesting but these were not records I would ever purchase.  However, I am a massive Damon Albarn fan.  I think he’s a fascinating artist.  And I guess this fascination stems from his desire to constantly evolve and challenge himself with new and exciting projects.  Add a couple of musicals and a number of albums with African musicians to his repitoire and you really do have somebody worth talking about.  And now this.  His first solo album ‘Everyday Robots’.

Those expecting a toned down Blur – forget it.  Apart from the quite hideous ‘Mr Tembo’ which would sit well alongside the likes of ‘Country House’, this record is a complete triumph.  A really, really beautiful piece of work.  And, for me, the reason this album works so well is the simplicity of what is happening.   The arrangements, the simplicity of Albarn’s vocal delivery, the pace of the record.  Everything works well (other than aforementioned blip).  It’s immediate yet you have to keep going back and back to discover more and more.  The hidden treasures buried in the mix.  It’s awesome. Honest.  Well, apart from that awful tune that made me think “yuck, blur”. Seriously, if you get a moment, check this album out.  You won’t be disappointed.


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