Now Wakes the Sea – Original Bone

Today we offer you a FREE download of ‘Original Bone’, the first single to be taken from the new Now Wakes the Sea album ‘Bildungsroman’ coming on mini50 on 26 May.  We are very excited by this record and we already have a lovely quote from Duglas T. Stewart of BMX Bandits fame, which might just make some of you sit up and pay attention.  He said:

“Listening to Now Wakes the Sea isn’t safe or predictable.  There are moments of fragile beauty and of light and then suddenly you are plunged into darkness.  It can be a little scary at times but it feels like going on a real adventure, an adventure in sound”

Anyways, Original Bone is out and we hope you enjoy the song and the video and that it gets you all excited about the forthcoming album.  We cannot wait.