SAY Awards Shortlist

Biffy Clyro

Boards of Canada



Edwyn Collins

RM Hubbert

Steve Mason

The Pastels

Young Fathers

Hector Bizerk

Let’s hope to christ Young Fathers win this.  Excluding Hector Bizerk, this could not be a more obvious shortlist of A list Scottish musicians.  Not to say I do not love some of the acts on this list – Mogwai one of my all time favourite bands – but what is exciting, innovative or fresh about this list?  Same old, same old.  I am also hugely disappointed at the exclusion of the excellent Adam Stafford record from the shortlist.   Adam has always been a fresh, exciting talent and so it’s a shame that he cannot squeeze on ahead of Biffy Clyro (or Mogwai) – who really don’t need the support of the SAY Awards, in my opinion.  I wish somebody would start a compeitition that was genuinely aimed at new, fresh and exciting music and could not include the work of superstars like Biffy…and I actually love Biffy.



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