Not Sure How I Feel…

…about Young Fathers winning the SAY Award 2014.  Part of me is delighted because they are incredible live and their new album DEAD is immense.  However, part of me feels like they were squeezed in to this competition with Tape Two, which is not as strong as Tape One and also feels a little bit like they were building towards their first album proper in DEAD.  So yeah.  On the one hand I am delighted for them because they deserve an award for all their hard work and talent.  On the other hand I am not sure this is the right award.  Then again, I think the SAY award misses a trick.  Hector Bizerk and Young Fathers aside it was made up of a huge number of big acts.  And if Biffy Clyro’s album is truly one of the best records to come out of Scotland in 2013 then our music really is not in great shape.  For all I love some Biffy, it’s not really worthy of an album of the year award longlist or shortlist.  And surely, an award of such magnitude would serve acts such as Hector Bizerk much better than it would Mogwai, Edwyn Collins or Biffy?

Just some thoughts really.  Congratulations to Young Fathers all the same.  Amazing act.


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